It is with great sadness that I report the passing away of Andrew Dunsire, the author of the site, on 29th November 2015,his 91st birthday.

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Dunsyre Kirk, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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THERE MAY BE ONLY  a thousand or so holders of  the surname  DUNSIRE in the world today, many of them still living in Scotland, and particularly in Fife, though there are now large extended families in Canada and USA, and in Western Australia.   With this site you can explore your own Dunsire ancestry, and contribute your own family tree if it is not here, or bring it up to date if it is.

Origins and Beginnings

Dunsire Descents 1590-1920

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The Christian Buchan Line

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"Dunsire Families of Fife"

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Origins and Beginnings takes you to a general survey of the origins of the surname, and profiles of some of the earliest known Dunsires, of the 15th and 16th centuries..
    Dunsire Descents 1590-1920 is a chart of the known families, by their numbers, showing the lines that died out;   followed by Indexes of Names and of Family Numbers   
The distribution of Early Dunsire Families  in Scotland in the earliest parish regis-ters, in the 17th and 18th centuries, is set out decade by decade and parish by parish.
     The Progenitors describes the main claim of a book published in 1997 about the Dunsire Families of Fife (from which a great deal of the genealogical information used here is taken) - namely, that all the Dunsires living today are descended from two sons of a single family in the parish of Wemyss, Fife, in the mid-eighteenth century.
     The Progenitors also, however, notes that this is not true!  Since the book was published, a complete non-Fife line has been identified, stemming from a Lanark man, John Dunsyre, and his wife Janet Sinclair (see The Janet Sinclair Line).
     Then the site traces the male lines of each of the three progenitors, in turn the Janet Sinclair line and that of the two Wemyss sons  (also named from their wives, Agnes  Nicol and Christian Buchan), from that time until this - so far as the writer's information goes,  and subject to privacy conditions.
     The site continues with pages on Dunsires in USA, Dunsires in Canada, and Dunsires in Australiaand ends with some brief biographies of Eminent Dunsires and Last Words & Links.

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